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Japanese Woodblock Prints

Skyscape With Birds Printable Poster

Skyscape With Birds Printable Poster

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Printable Art Poster: SKYSCAPE WITH BIRDS FLYING FROM BIJUTSU SEKAI (1893-1896) by Watanabe Seitei.

Watanabe Seitei (1851-1918), born in the heart of Edo, in the Kanda district of Japan, has introduced a new approach to kachōga or kacho (bird-and-flower painting), blending Western realism with the delicate colours and washes of the Kikuchi Yōsai school.

This printable wall art can be printed at any size up to 24x36in (70x100cm) at full 300 DPI resolution. 

Five files are included in both PDF and JPEG, allowing you to print your artwork in the following aspect ratios with gallery-like quality:

4:5 | 2:3 | 3:4 | A1 | 5:7

Simply print from your home or office printer, or take to your local print shop. Read about our digital downloads.

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